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Sunday, January 11, 2015

[REVIEW][MOVIES] A Werewolf Boy, The Huntresses, How To Use Guys with Secret Tips

Yesterday I was in Korean Movies mood. So I apparently watched 3 movies lol
Suddenly doesnt want to watch k-drama and now that drama is still on hold hehe

I start with A Werewolf Boy or 늑대 소년. A 2012 movie.

It has been awhile I want to watch this movie but didnt got the chance to watch it and now finally I got the chance to. Okay, a bit of synopsis about the movie from Asianwiki.

"A mother moves with her older daughter (Park Bo-Young) and younger daughter (Kim Hyang-Gi) to a large home in the country side. The older daughter suffers from a lung ailment and her doctor advised the family to move out into the country side. The home is provided by Ji-Tae (Yoo Yeon-Seok), the son of a business partner who worked with their deceased father.
While the family gets acclimated to their new surroundings, the older daughter makes a remarkable discovery. Within a locked room in the barn lives a wild boy (Song Joong-Ki). The family takes him in believing he is just an orphan with little social skills. The boy with little social skills begins to take an interest in the oldest daughter. Meanwhile, Ji-Tae has his own plans in marrying the oldest daughter. What's the secret behind the wild boy?"
The main casts of the movie was Song Joongki, Park Boyoung and the mean Yoo Yeonseok. Yoo Yeonseok's acting was so really that made me really hate him so freaking much. Since I knew him from Reply1994 and his character in that was pretty much sweet *_* but in this, he's a total asshole.

Song Joongki's character was so real. Although he didnt have much line of scripts but the way he convey his emotions through his eyes really touching. Park Boyoung was really cute and good actress. Duh... of course she is. hahaha. XD She's same age as me. Her acting is just awesome. The most credit for this movie definitely belong to Song Joongki and Yoo Yeonseok I would say.

The fact that when Sun-yi said to Cheol-su to wait and said she'll come back, Cheol-su really wait for freaking 47 years. Sun-yi has become a halmeoni (grandmother) at that time but he still wait. It really bring tears to my eyes. "기다려 나 다시 올게" ("Wait I'll be coming back") and for 47 years he wait. Yes, he's not growing old since he's a result of experiment of humans greed that want to create an invincible soldier. I was a bit mad to Sun-yi actually but finally after 47 years he got his freedom. He can play with the Snowman. That last shot although get me menboong, it was still beautiful.

A Werewolf Boy Trailer 

I gave 7.5/10 for this movie ;) 

My next movie was 2014's The Huntresses or 조선미녀 삼총사 (direct translation: Joseon's Charlie's Angels). 
The reason I picked this is because only 1 thing, it's 우리 언니의 (our sister's) movie, Ha Jiwon unnie :D I just love this unnie but these days her picked on movies was kinda bad. Not saying The Huntresses was bad but it's not great either and in terms of the meter of my likeness it's more incline to Dislike not necessarily fully Dislike tho cause it's Ha Jiwon after all hehe, I give credit for that. lol XD 

Let's with the synopsis first from Wikipedia, 
"The intelligent and talented martial arts swordswoman Jin-ok (Ha Ji-won), housewife and fighter Hong-dan (Kang Ye-won), and Ga-bi (Son Ga-in), the youngest of the trio: These three women are the Joseon dynasty's top bounty hunters, and they never fail to capture a target, no matter the criminal or the crime. They set out on a secret mission commissioned by the king to search for thestauroscope, and in doing so, prevent a powerful group from gaining absolute power and overturning the royal family."
The things that made me more incline on the Dislike meter was because, this movie took the Joseon era as the time theme but the gadgets on the movie was so 21st Century. Not to mention their way of speaking is really modern-way kind of talking. I just told myself, "It's okay movie is just a movie anyway. Nothing more and not like this is a serious movie anyway." So, I just shrug it off and enjoy it. 

I just love the coolness and the toughness of the women in this though since this is Joseon era that we talk about as the women have to demure or gisaeng-kinda style. Either one. The way they fight and Jiwon unnie sure like to pick action-kind of movie XD 

In terms of plot it was not really that strong but as usual end with most Bad vs Good movies, Good will always won hehe kinda cliche but it's all good. 

I gave this movie 4.5/10. 미안해 지원 언니 ;) 

My next and last movie was 2013's How To Use Guys with Secret Tips or 남자사용설명서. The reason I chose this movie was I freaking love rom-com and this movie just fit my taste and it have Lee Siyoung which I know and I'm okay with her. I like her tomboyish style actually hehe. This movie have that also lol XD 

Let's go for the synopsis okay ;) 
For the past five years, Choi Bo-na (Lee Si-young) has been overworked and underpaid as a second assistant director for TV commercials. Sorely lacking social skills, self-confidence, fashion sense, and aesthetic polish, she is casually disregarded by her work colleagues and knows that her career is going nowhere. One night, she hits rock bottom. Stranded on a beach in the middle of nowhere after a grueling outdoor shoot, she comes across an eccentric middle-aged man selling inspirational videos. He urges her to buy his masterwork, "A Manual on How to Use Men," telling her that it will change her life and give her the skills she need to find success and happiness. She initially had doubts but buys the video eventually. After reluctantly following the step-by-step instructions of self-styled guru Dr. Swarski (Park Yeong-gyu), Bo-na's life takes a drastic turn. She begins to experience professional success and men start flocking to her (including top hallyu star, Lee Seung-jae (Oh Jung-se), who initially treated Bo-na with indifference).
I had a really good laugh with this movie. The hero, Oh Jungse was really really funny too.
The theme was really light and as what rom-com should do, make people laugh so this movie really did well in that hahahaha XD
I cant forget the funny scenese too.
I like that this movie is about confidence and how one should have control in their life. Even though, you seek for help on how to improve your career, your love life etc, in the end all the decisions are from your hand. No one else can do it for you cause you're the one that live your life :)

Really recommended this movie to those who are looking for a rom-com and just want to have a movie that you just laugh out loud XD

The last time I saw Lee Siyoung that comot (sloppy) was from Wild Romance and I cant finished that drama because of Jessica Jung lol (Sorry Jess, tho you're my bias, you just cant act :P )
I love that side of Lee Siyoung :D
Maybe if I have time, I'll picked up back Wild Romance just to finish it lol XD and cause of Lee Siyoung unnie XD

I gave this movie 8/10 hehe :D a good rom-com is just good hehe ;)

My next movie right now is No Breathing. Tho Yuri was in this, I'm watching it for Seo Ingook and Lee Jongsuk. We got 2 hunks topless here hehe :D

p/s: talking about 'topless', Oh Jung-se got really nice abs packs also in How To Use Guys with Secret Tips :P 

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