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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rania in Malaysia 2011

I know that this is like super late but  since the event of meeting Rania is still fresh in my mind I guess I gotta write on it. It has been almost a month now. Anyway, this is like my small fanaccount meeting them :D First time writing a fanaccount by the way.

September 16th, 2011. 

Today is a holiday. It’s a Malaysia Day. I  slept early last night… so early that I didn’t realize what time I was fell asleep. LOL XD

Last thing I remember before I slept is my sister, Ain said that she already told a friend that we know from twitter. We met her before at this one kpop flashmob but as I have like weak memory in memorizing people, I kinda like “aahhh… that one…” but I already add her at facebook so everything is good… XD at first I’m still doubting cause is it real? Are we really going to welcome them at the airport without our parent know? After all they’re just Rania. A farely rookie Kpop artist as I don’t really even know their names kekekekeke >.< but the feelings want to meet Kpop artists face to face which drove me to agree to this mission.

At 3:45 am, my sister woke me up. I was like, “Are we really going?” then she reply, “You want to go or not” I said, “Yeah~”. “Okay then wake up and take a shower now.” Technically, she’s like my older sister lol 

Then we walked out from the house at 4:30 am to wait our friend, Nazz at the nearest petrol pump station, Petronas. It’s so quiet and silent. Well since most of people still sleeping right now.

We wait at the Petronas and count and observe the cars that passing by. Then we saw this one orangeish brownish SAGA car. Finally I met Nazz face to face and Kak Farhanah as well ^^ then we went to picked up Bobo. Out of everyone, only Bobo that I already knew and met before. Met her first time during SOSHIFIED INTEL PROJECT and DREAMSTAGE KPOP FLASHMOB thing… we arrived at her house and saw her mom sent her to go with us. Then our journey to LCCT to welcomed Rania has started.

As soon as we arrived at LCCT, I met with Ad. Another kpop friends that join us at the airport. Me, Ad and Bobo saw the arrival schedule and saw Rania’s flight has landed from Haneda, Japan. 

We waited for them patiently, and suddenly saw a group of people with sunglasses out from the arrival gate. The only camera that we have at that time is my phone camera which is not that really in good quality but it’s okay… the pictures and videos still came out nice >.<

My sister, Ain gave Di her little gift that she made last night. Nazz gave her krepek to one of the members. At  that time, the only members that I know is Di (because her hair is the only that short), Joy the Thais and T-ae because she’s in Hype Nation. After met with them, we thought they will straight away go to the hotel or something but they still have to wait for their transportation to arrive. At that airport, it’s not just us, but Rania’s fans from Thailand also arrive. They even bring a lot of cool gifts to give them. I’m so amazed ^^

Since they have to wait for their transportation to arrive, we took the opportunity to take their signature, their picture. Seeing them like this, make me realize, I gotta root for them after this. They’re all just seem so nice and kind. So generous and of course Di, my bias, she smile a lot and she just don’t mind to give signature and all. Only the bodyguards that take care of them that’s so fussy. It’s not like we want to harass or hit or do something bad to them. Bodyguards jer yg over >.> While waited with them, since me and my sis did not prepare any pen or paper, we just borrow it from our friends and my sis got the signature from Di. Though Di misspelled her name from Ain to Hiain. LOL XD we manage to get Di, T-ae and Joy posing for our camera. 

Then their vehicles already arrived. They ran to the opposite part and got on to the cars. There’s 2 car. Some are at this side and some are at another side. I didn’t remember who’s at our side but I saw Di entered the car. So Di is definitely in the car at our side. Since they didn’t move yet, we’re playing around with them. Bobo even did some DFG dance in front of the car and some of other kpop fans that came made a heart shape in front of the car and whether it’s Xia, Jooyi or Riko that saw them and ask them to do it again. I’m not sure. Before the car move, me and my friends made MANSE for Rania and MANSE is definitely our special motto for them ever since that ^^.

The cars just went to their hotels and we didn’t have any thought to even follow them. We just well, we’ll meet them tomorrow. That’s what most of us thought since most of us are like didn’t sleep yet… XD we went to grab some breakfast at McDonald before we went home. Since almost everyone parents already started to call lol XD  Naz send us straight to our home and coincidentally while we getting out from her car, my grandpa’s car is coming in to the house. Almost felt like we already got caught yet we have a great story for them. My dad was a little bit pissed off cause we didn’t tell him ahead. Later, we just trying to help with any house chores to treat our guilt feeling and just to make my dad in a good mood again.

 Rania at the airport. Taken by my camera ^^

 My sister got a signature from Di

Joy pose for my camera >.<

 Even T-ae wave to my camera ^^*~

 My bias, Di ^_^

This is the fancam when my sis gave Di the gift and she so kind that she even took it by herself by coming to the fans closer... Awww... she's really kind >.<
Me and my sister all fancam in one... Rania fanservice, DAEBAK! ^^

fancam cr: geekGEEKYgeek @ YT

September 17th, 2011

It’s D-Day. Today I have a little work at the career exhibition at PWTC. After finished my work at PWTC at 2pm, my mom send me and my sister at the Stadium Merdeka. Last night, my sister made this huge Di’s placard so that Di can see her. At the exhibition, I did my small placard. It’s for Di and T-ae. 

As soon as we arrived at Stadium Merdeka, we watch around at the carnival trying to find people that we might know or at least try to find Bobo and the gang or something…. As we move to Hitz.tv booth, we were so surprised to met all those Kpop Talent Hitz fellas that we met at the competition and at the flashmob. Somehow I felt that we kinda know each other by now because of KPOP >.< The power of KPOP is indeed no joke ^^ we met Erin and Melissa, the MA BOY girls, Athirah Roslan and Atiq Jalil, KIV, Re-Do, the guy that sang SUJU M – PERFECTION. Thought we don’t really close or know each other that well but somehow the closeness is felt. 

Then we found Bobo and the gang. We waited outside the stadium before they can let us enter at around 5pm ahead. We enter excitedly in the Stadium Merdeka. Well, for me I am excited LOL XD

Since the day started to raining and I didn’t have the raincoat… still not getting use to this kind of concert =D we are wet in rain… though the rain was just like gerimis but somehow the rain is getting heavier. I wore the small towel that I bring to cover my head and my glasses started to form kabus since the heat is increased and it start to rain heavily. We wait and wait until the concert started at 8:00PM. All of us was like “Finally”. Then the concert  start with local acts. I enjoyed the local acts performance as well but I just looking forward for Rania :p the only local that attract our group is the winner of the Kpop Hitz Talent, Ruffneckz, they performed MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa and us, the kpop fans, scream like crazy. Sing along to the song as well XD

Wait and wait and the concert is indeed awesome cause somehow they managed to gather all 3 main races in Malaysia to celebrate Malaysia Day in one concert. On my right are Indians, and on my left are Chinese and in front of me are Malays… so the mission of the concert is indeed accomplished. 1Malaysia in one place. Kudos to them ^^ we even cheering for the International Indian acts that have been invited for the concert. ~Raja Nan Raja, Ahak Ahak~  it felt so cool XD even the Indians next to us was like “What are they doing?” looking at us LOL XD

Okay, now the most anticipating stage of the night. Yeah for me and my friends of course XD IT’S RANIA!!! They start with Dr. Feel Good and they just so damn far… I felt so sad. Nonetheless we did the fanchants, scream for them, show them our placards, we made all the awesome things >.< I swear I have a sore throat after that.

After finished DFG, they walk to the front stage and I was like, “YESSSS!!!” I took my camera and took their pictures, record them. Sadly, the pictures didn’t came out that well cause my hand was shaking and I just contained my spazz feeling got to watch them LIVE. They perform Stand Up For Love and they just sound so freaking awesome! Especially Di =D I just love that girl >.< and then my sister scream at my ears, she said Di saw her placard and wave to her. Well since her placard was like enormous of course Di saw it LOL XD
I just have to give up on my placard cause mine was small and got block by others placards. Poor me =( oh well as long as I can watch them live, I’m happy. Next song, they performed Masquerade. I love this song >.< love the melody and love their sexy dance moves XD 

What make me sad is that there’s some that people said bad things about them at the concert that caught my ears. First, well maybe it’s also our fault but people was telling us to let down our placards cause they cant see. When they cheering like crazy watching their artists performed, we don’t even mind and care at all but when it’s our time people did these to us. It’s kinda sad. Well it things that we have to encounter in this kind of mix concert like this but in my experienced seeing mix concert before (KLCC Live Concert) with Wonder Girls and Hoobastank fans and all it was all fine. Maybe some are okay and some are not. Another things that I hear is some other people said that Rania was like “Plastic Surgery to the max” well since it does caught my ears, I just felt angry and urgghhh annoyed a bit. Since I’m in a girl group fandom that have been always being accused as a plastic dolls etc, I should have not care about this things but somehow it kinda taken me a bit. Why do you even care if they did PS? It’s their money, it’s their body. If we saw it pretty then the PS is a successful then and didn’t you hear about something called MAKEUP? Sometimes it’s just the power of makeup. Well it’s the generalization that people often do when they saw KPOP idols especially the girls… if they’re so pretty, it must be PS. Things that I cant even understand about people. Well human love to do a straight up jumping into the conclusion and all never try to understand things as in whole. Oh well, one thing for sure, I really enjoyed the show that night >.< That's for sure.

We wait a bit to watch Nelly and decided to go back before they ended the show officially. Some of my friends decided to follow Rania at the hotel. My sister and I thought we want to join too but since initially we were planned to tumpang a friend to go back home and since it’s already too late at night, we decided to cancel it. Cause we didn’t want to make our parents mad at us more if we go with them cause my dad have sent this one emo message to us. Didn’t know why he has to be so sensitive. I know it’s for our own good but a little trust would be better. It’s not like we go jimba jimba at some club or something but I still took the message in a good way.

We updating about our friends that went to follow Rania through twitter. The best thing is that the Rania girls actually knew about them through twitter. That just meant that they read people mentions to them. Read my friends FA about it HERE.

From my friends FA, I’m just glad that even Rania acknowledge our MANSE to them that they even did it back to us before they left for Singapore showcase at the airport :D. My friends managed to get some pictures with them and give them gifts before they left. Having to meet Rania face to face is definitely a great experienced to me. I’m just so happy that it went for almost 2 weeks and this thing still linger around in my head until now. Today, is exactly one month after I met Rania ^^. Happy one-month Anniversary Rania, from Malaysian fan. 

During Dr. Feel Good performance 

my LQ fancam sorry...

Stand Up For Love performance. An awesome voices and an awesome performance indeed.

Masquerade performance

Strong pose from Jooyi, Di and Joy >.< 

Ever since that days, me, my sister, Bobo, Nazz, Ad, Hapiz has become like a true fan of Rania ^^ tweeting them everyday and always keep updating about their latest activities :D

-end of Rania spazz-

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jessica and Taecyeon August 15th, 2011 (TaecSica)

It has been awhile I didnt update this blog well since this blog acc, I kinda ignored it lately... LOL XD well today I have the need to write something.

Yes it is actually an old news but hey they're making comeback. what? SOSHI is making comeback? (well they are making comeback this September) but this is not about SOSHI. this is about TaecSica.
Well actually, this afternoon, I encounter a tweet that being ask to report as spam by this one Taec K-fan and the username of that twitter is @sosi_stalker. As I'm so curious why a soshi-related twitter acc need to be report as spam by a Hottest. I searched that acc and I found this pic,

the tweets says like,
택연 제시카 스타벅스 데이트 사진
Taecyeon Jessica Starbucks Date Picture
소녀시대 제시카 2PM 택연 심야 데이트 현장 사진 (오늘 새벽 일본 스타벅스) 
So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica 2PM Taecyeon .... *didnt know the meanings* (Today's morning in Japan's Starbucks)
and other tweets that say something like this... well apparently, the owner does doing some spam.

I'm as a fan of both of them, a fan of Jessica and Taecyeon was like so damn HAPPY!!!!
I was like I want to spazz but I'm still in the office... wanting to do other things yet thinking about them... LOL XD #lifeofashipper
then I want to post it in 9PM thread in soshified cause it's the only place where it's safe to spazz about this pairing... well since in twitter, there are no freedom anymore since I have to like take care of other people feelings cause they dont like the pairs... :'( It really make me so sad cause I dont have friends to spazz with. #foreveralone
at first I'm shipping TaecYul cause they're like the Hottest couple ever. Both have this Sexy aura radiated from them :p
and I also have read a lot of TaecYul fanfic that they grow in me. 
Then come 2010 with Shinee's Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung scandal and with that, they found TaecSica too. So I kinda curious over TaecSica too. since Taaec is my ultimate bias in 2PM and Sica is my bias in SNSD. after reading all the [rumors] and (unofficial) fanccounts about them, I just jump ship. To know more about TaecSica timeline and all, go to here ---> Sergeant Ok | The Home of TaecSica's Spazzers

Now I'm definitely their supporters whether they're really dating or not... the hints was so much that it just make my assumptions so real.... btw, the news about today incident is out in korean news and is letting know to all international fans as well... 

SNSD’s Jessica & 2PM’s Taecyeon spotted together in Japan cr: Allkpop
for a more details cover from Soompi
SNSD’s Jessica and 2PM’s Taecyeon: The Dating Rumors Continue
and this from the Korean News Site
제시카-택연, 日 데이트 현장 포착? “친한 친구사이” cr: Nate

Well yeah, you can believe what you want. "They look just friends hanging around with each other." "Taec wont go dating with only wearing sweatpants and singlet" and "Unless they announced that they really dating then they're not dating". Peeps can say what they want to say. I don't give a damn about those things. I have my opinion, you have your opinion. The thing that trigger my anger is when each side bashing, you hear me bashing either one of them. One side would say, "He didnt deserve her. He such a playa." "Why must always his name related to our girls. Sica deserve better." "I hate Ok Taecyeon." "First you play with Yuri, Yoona, Sunny and now Sica?!". The other sides was saying the same things "She didnt deserve our oppa you plastic b****" "You slut. get away from our oppa" "Why is this girls again?" "Damn, I hate you Jessica"

I'm tired okay. I love both of them. How do you even know that they didnt deserve each other? How? You live their life? Sometimes I felt like I want to cry cause these hates are aim towards my bias. the korean side was the same too. do you know what they call Taec, they call him with this name,옥발. well it's a bad word actually. that's fans who are hate each other being together. For the fans that love Taec's other pair has another story. They didn't like TaecSica therefore they put down this couple with not very nice words. why? I'm definitely fine when you guys spazz about couple that you like but why must put other pairs down? why?
I'm so tired seriously. If I siding Hottest side they going to bash on Sica. Put the blame on Sica. If I siding with Sone side, they going to bash on Taecyeon in a very mean and harsh way. I'm tired being in the middle. Sometimes just sometimes I wish that Taec dont be so close to the girls cause I know Sone just cant accept the girls be close to other male idols especially 2PM. well actually it's Taec. they made it like Taec is some bad guy... I have watched a lot of 2PM shows, 2PM fancams and I can assure this guy is nice. He really is. He's like this fatherly person and if he really dating with one of SNSD girl, I knew that the girl will be in a good hand. they was like want the girls to date and all but when they actually date they didnt approve the guy. what do you guys want then...

and the representatives words about Taecyeon and Jessica date from the picture, "They are known to be close. They're just having some tea as a friend. Please don't take it in wrong way." LOL XD what a cliche answers from representatives. I like this one comment from omonatheydidnt, "sounds like a rush cover" LOL so true... ㅋㅋㅋ

from today incident, Jessica and Taecyeon trending at #7 in Daum and Jessica trending at #4 in Naver.

well maybe K-media made it a little bit exaggerated. yes maybe they are just friends hang out drinking some coffee in the early morning. I'm fine with it. I'm just glad that I'm a fangirl that live in the middle. I love Sica and I love Taec but I didnt feel like I possess both of them that I dont want to share them so that they cant have their own life... If they just friend with each other it's fine with me and if they really are dating it's also fine with me. Cause I know both of them are a great person. What more important is that they're happy with whoever they went out with, with whoever they friend with.

I love both of you so much!!!!
I ♥ Jessica Jung Sooyeon
I ♥ Ok Taecyeon
I ♥ TaecSica

I hope fans can leave them alone. Dont sent useless tweet to Taec and don't tweet bad things about Sica!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TVXQ Dong Bang Shin Ki Tohoshinki 동방신기 東方神起

The name itself give you a great picture. The legendary five-membered Korean Boy Group ever. After the 1st generation of KPOP idol start to fade away, SME debut this group in December 26, 2003. I was introduced to Kpop through this group.

At first, I encountered their "My Destiny" MV in hitz.tv at Astro back in 2006/2007. From the first time I listen to the song, I immediately fall in love with the song and the voices. At that time, I didn't know how to differentiate between Korean or Japanese. I ask my friends at school. Turn out that she's a big fan of them. Since I didn't know much about them, I even make fun of their name as Shin Ki is sound like 'sinki' which means sink in english.

yeah, this song that make me fall in love with them.

After that I search and learn a lot about them. Since I still lack at many place in internet stuff at that time, so I didn't know how to search about their current news. I didn't know about Soompi and all. The only place I search about them is through MySpace and YouTube. From my friends, I watch their Banjun Drama, Unforgettable Love, Dangerous Love and etc. I search about their songs. Japanese songs, Korean songs, all of them. Then Purple Line release. I fall for them again. 

I try to learn their dance because they just make music become so cool because of the dance. Before this, I never enjoy music with their dance but KPOP change me. I tried to learn Triangle dance move and it's hard. though I actually manage to get the semi-chorus and the chorus part of the song. Thought it's not perfect. 

After learn a few things about them, I started to develop a bias in the group. Seeing Hero Jaejoong / 영웅재중, make me really like him and he's the reason why I love My Destiny too. I fall for his voice. 

Yeah my eyes just attracted to him straight away when I saw them even in their group photos. Well maybe because he's the center of the group but still maybe I just more attracted to the flower-type of guy / 꽃미남 style... ^_^ Then I found the maknae, Max Changmin / 최강창민. After that I started to ship JaeMin.

They both just so cute and adorable together. Even though I knew about them, love their songs, started to fit in by developing biases towards them, I never was a Cassiopeia. They just mainly introduce me to how KPOP is. I do find it's hard to like the Korean group as I always got teased by my sisters and now they are all Kpop Mania. 

Talking about DBSK, it's not always sunshine... in the end, the rain will come and washes all the good things. After their Mirotic song, I never get into KPOP stuff anymore though sometimes I still enjoy Korean songs but I was never a fan or know anything about the fandom anymore (at that time I was into indie band in Malaysia as it's the music trend at that time which is around 2008). Well about fandom, I was never knew anything before I get to know SNSD and that will be another story. Back to DBSK, with their lawsuit thing going on. At first, I don't give a damn at all. I don't care cause I just feel that, yeah, I like their songs, their dance but I never get attached to them. After the DBSK lawsuit then come 2PM issues where Jay Park withdraw and all. I was more of a SoneHottest in 2009 so I kinda attached to 2PM more than these 5 guys at that time. I mourn over Jay Park stuff more than these guys lawsuit. 

The next thing I knew, the 3 trio have form a unit called, JYJ. Seriously at that time, I don't care at all about their activities. Never knew anything about the other remaining 2 members. Where are they, What are they doing since these 3 already start their music promotion again. 

In 2010, everything started to change. The remaining 2 members started to do their things too. They will perform on stage on SM Town Concert. As far as I remember, Yunho and Changmin in Korea for SM Town  Concert while JYJ is in Japan for A Nation Concert (?) not sure about this but they are on stage but in different places. 

Watching Yunho & Changmin perform in SM Town Concert make me wonder why are these 2 didn't follow the other 3 to file the lawsuit? Everything started to make me curious. Then I started to take note about what happened to them. Most of my source is from Allkpop. I just felt so lazy to read the whole contract thing, the whole lawsuit thing, so I'm back to my outsider observant mode. Then I found this blog TrueTVXQ. That blog show me how the situation occur. Yeah I agree that the blog is bias and I am bias. Since my fave group is in the company, maybe I tend to siding the company more. Well humans are bias. We tend to develop biases among us. So I did it as well. 

From post by post I read from that blog, I learned something new. Yeah it maybe not the whole truth but a little bit it gave me the picture about the lawsuit thing that still going on. The founder of the blog really have contribute a lot of his time in translating a lot of things from the articles, to the contract itself. He really gain my respect. The important thing is I never saw the other 3 members like the first time I knew them. Yeah, I know I don't even knew them in the first place but my impression towards them just turn to 180 degree. It'll never be the same again. 

Event after event happened when Yunho & Changmin started to make their comeback. From the twitter issues, interview issues, TVXQ name issues, so much issues. It just make me want to just go back to my fandom because this drama is so dramatic and it's actually a real life thing that occur. Since then, I just decide to support HoMin. About the other 3, I think I just give it a pass though I still follow their twitter, I still watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal (cause I just enjoy the drama so much), but I just can't enjoy their music. Maybe because it's totally not my taste. It just different. The feeling is different too. In the end, I just conclude myself that Yunho & Changmin want to stay while the other 3 want to out and I decided to support Yunho & Changmin more. 

When I watch their old music video like Balloon or Hug, the feeling of sad just appeared. How come they become like this now? Why can't they still share the same dream they had before? and every time I watch their old vids, I just simply remind myself that this is the time when they share the same dream together as 5. Now, they don't have that anymore. I just don't know how Cassies feel. I know some of them already taking bias and some of them still believe in 5. I just can wish all the best for them. I'm just an outsider who happened to support the old TVXQ and the current TVXQ. In the name of TVXQ, I believe. 

TVXQ Yunho and Changmin comeback are so AWESOME and GREAT!!! they just prove that they are indeed The Rising Gods From The East. I'm so proud of them and I wish all the best for them.

 Deep inside, I still miss the 5 of them together. When they are 5 they are complete. However in the end, just like IU's new song,

"Nothing Last Forever, Nothing Really Matter" - IU's Cruel Fairy Tale

The only things that matter is our own life and their own life... In the end, everyone will just comeback to reality, comeback to their own life. Whoever they are in the virtual world, they have their own life in reality.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Back...

I know that it has been awhile I didn't update this blog. Before I knew it, we already here in 2011. We will never can catch up with the time... *sigh* It is approximately 6 months I didn't update my blog. Even this blog has updated it features a lot. I'm more comfortable with it now. Yeah lots of thing to talk about but I won't throw it all here. Before this I kinda in a decision making in what kind of blog I want to made with this blog. A personal blog, a solely kpop blog or what... Am I going to use English solely or mix it with my mother tongue language, Malay... what is the identity of this blog... (Actually it sorta give the resemblance of my identity too. What kind of person I am? but then that another story) What the hell... Screw all that. The more I think, the more it gave me head ache as it doesn't even an important thing. THIS BLOG IS MY BLOG. I'm going to write anything that I want as this is my blog... and I doubt if anyone ever read this blog... IDK...

Sebenarnya saat aku nk revivekan balik blog ni masa aku tgh tension bagai nak mati last semester holiday. it's like I want to find a place where I can rant all my depression. nk buang sume yg terbuku dalam hati. my personality make it more hard for me... it so hard. my introvert personality hit me bad that days... ARGHH!!! Anyway it's fine now. I can cope with my life again.

If you see my description at my header. those are like 70% of what my life consists of. 난 이런 사람이야. I'm this kind of person. I know I'm a boring person. Just look at this blog. it so dull and boring but I'm like this. from my sense of clothes to my life. 2 words can describe it. BORING & DULL. 난 재미 없고.. Whether my life is too simple or I'm making it too simple or I don't know how to have fun or... I dont know... My 80% life, I live in this so-called virtual life. I spent most of my time talking to persons through twitter. When my sisters said I've changed. I'm not that girl who followed people advises... I tend to rebel. Am I? Am I changed that much? I realized that at certain time I tend to rebel. it just that I cant be the person that always accept anymore... I just cant. tetapi sometimes aku rindukan diri aku yg dulu. the innocent me. the 16 or 17 years old NURAMIRAH LIYANA ROSLAN. Aku dah simpang jauh sejak berjinak aktif dgn kpop ni. Aku tau sumer tu. Just seems cant accept the fact. Kpop tarnish my brain, change me. I dont know whether to a good or bad but i think it's both. tbh, my stress and tension towards my life have been developed since then but somehow I manage to survive or practically run from it. but after I knew Kpop, it gave me this sense of hope to my life (?) Somehow it gave me a certain goal I have to achieve in my life. yeah unrelated to my education of course. just my full pleasure.

Okay, I'm done with my first post. for 2011. kalau aku lama2 kat sini, byk sgt bende nk cakap nnti. penat tgn menaip. macam buat buku sendiri... hehehe... Okay dear blog, I'll try to update this as often as possible... thanks for being here. Since I'm still with Secret Garden fever, I'll end my post of picture of Ha Jiwon. My fave Korean actress a.k.a my new fave 언니 other than TaengSic 언니들... She looks so beautiful with her short hair. ^_^