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Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 23rd, 2012. The day I met with the 9(8) Goddesses, Girls' Generation

It has been awhile since I wrote something at this blog. even 2PM concert I didnt write any FA or anything well since after the concert I have to endure something with my family. However, this time it's different. it's Girls' Generation.

March 23rd, 2012, definitely one historical day for me since my angels finally came down to Malaysia. I'm so touched and having quite a slapping myself time lol XD
Finally, they acknowledge Malaysia and come down to this country. At first I want to got to the free one but then, since everymysone at twitter decided to go with at least the premium part, i also decided to buy the tix for premium part. well since i'm buying it with my friends, the process to get the ticket was sorta in mess. Luckily i left my room quite early. around 10am.

I took LRT and stop at KL Sentral first to get my poncho at Guardian. a preparation if it'll raining later. then, I took the LRT straight to KLCC. in the train, I also met on mysone that tegur me :D
he was like "Sone?" and i was like, "Yeah", showing a thumbs up XD
he was with another 2 girls. then we all arrived at KLCC. Upon arriving at KLCC i was just wandering around since the friend that I bought the tix with still didnt arrive in KL yet since she's from Sarawak. She ask me to take the tix from another friend of her and that friend also arrive quite late. I arrived around 11am something. I walk around and I met with Bobo, Slayn and Ila but they are all waiting at the Golden part. thus, I searched some friends at Premium part. I found the banners made by mysone forum. here the banners:

After that, i met with the people that I know like Hapih, Naz, and finally I got to meet with other mysones from twitter like kak outlaw, kak aegyodeer, citysone, and others.
I felt so happy to meet them. was hanging out with them quite sometime...

However, the chaos started when the clock turned around 3pm. the organizer started to chase us out from that area and everyone was like lost and didnt know where to go. when we're asking to them, where should we line up, each of the security giving different asnwers. everyone was so freaking frustrated. since we're standing under the hot sun, the security and guards attitude really was like adding fuel to the situation. everyone was like really pissed off. we were like wandering around searching places to queeing up but no. they just didnt give one valid answer. event management company totally sucks to the max! while wandering around, I met with Eza, the person who I have to collect the ticket from. then, i met with this one guy that I have to give him one ticket after long waited, then, I get to meet with IzumiFany or Umira Hassan. the girl that i buy the ticket from. finally she arrived in KL :D

After that, I met with mysone group and stick with them while waiting to get in. it was around 630pm already and yet the security still didnt us let in yet. OTL. only around 7pm, they let us in. However, at that time, I already lost with all any of mysone friends. I was all alone at that time. when I get to enter the Premium zone, I was trying to look for a better view of the stage but damn! SONEs are just too tall. I barely see the stage.

Basically these are my views ~_~

I'm totally not lying when I said SONEs are so damn tall lol XD I think for a girl height, I was quite tall but at that time, how I wish I can be more tall lol XD my last result was the screen of course.

Since I know already their tentative programme, almost all sones also know that SOSHI is one of the earliest performer of the night. we wait, and wait and wait... the MC was Jojo Struys. before this I know her and sorta thought that she was kinda cool girl but after what had happened before and knowing that the event management agency was her's, I just cant contain my annoyed feeling about her. not just that, her lame MCing time also was like somehow adding fuel to everyone hotness.
She wants people in front say Hey, and Ho and Gee... wtf???? ~_~ at first I can still follow but then, I was like, bazir energy and my voice jer... so I just stay quite when she mention things like that. then everytime she want people to make some noise, she will mention GG. at first okay, i fall for it. i scream after a few times when it sounds more like a troll, i kept quiet again =____=
the DJs also like that. keep using GG's name and yet they dont evenplay GG's song. they played SUJU-M song, 2NE1 song and WG's song but no GG's song. I was like what duh???? ~_____~
Through out the whole waiting time, I was so freaking annoyed lol XD

The show start with performance from ElectroColdxHot from last year Showdown winner. It just feel better cause some of the dancers dancing to kpop songs.


Around 9pm, finally....

the girls came out but no Yuri. I felt so sad... :( cause she got her Fashion King shooting.
but it's okay since the other 8 still here ^_^
start of the song is The Boys but so meh.... sound system sucks. Taeyeon, Seohyun, and some of the other girls mics was malfunction... again meh.... ~__________________~
but I just glad that the girls still give the very best performance and the fact that I finally can see them. I was like jumping around to see them lol XD
finally I get to catch a glimpse of them ^^ with their white outfit :D

youtube vids cr: buahmulut and joshuaongys

The feeling of seeing them alive definitely overwhelmed! :D
then, the continue the performance with Genie

yt vid cr: buahmulut

The most epic moment when the performing Genie is "MALAYSIA! PUT IT BACK ON!" ^________________________________________^

youtube vid cr: plzchodixxon

After so long finally Malaysia Put It Back On is echoed in Malaysia >_<
I cant contain my happiness :D
Then, the girls continue with their 1st talk. they introduce themselves and Sooyoung said "Terima Kasih Malaysia" and the perfect maknae Seo Juhyun introduce herself in Malay ;_______________;, "Selamat Petang Malaysia, Saya Seohyun" ;__________;

yt vid cr: MAStravel

they continue the next song with Hoot and Run Devil Run
I dont know about other zone but my zone was so freaking awesome with the fanchants \o/

yt vids cr: joshuaongys

Next they had some small talk and proceed with their last 2 songs, Mr Taxi and Gee.

The 2nd talk
yt vid cr: MiDvP

the fact that Sooyoung said they will come again with Tiffany and Tiffany promise to come again and perform as 9 make me so eggcited ^_^ the fact that they're saying they will come again.... KYYYAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like dream come true not like this concert itself already like a dream come true.

Next they're performing Mr. Taxi.

yt vid cr: buahmulut

The last song was Gee and everyone was so eggcited and esctatic since it's the song that bring the girls on top. the fanchants was superb. definitely awesome!
yt vid cr: MiDvP

Right after GG conclude Gee, everysone there was walking out from the venue. lol it was like everyone came just for GG lol XD indeed we just want to watch GG and everyone just left. lol XD This is the vid of before and after GG performance >_<

yt vid cr: MiDvP

indeed everyone just came to watch SOSHI LMAO XD
I was also going back with my friends from my faculty, Michelle and Hazrul. luckily they came too thus I got friend to go back >_<

Another war  battle also was in LRT. once we entered LRT station, we just can walk forward and was like no turning back. the crowd was so full in LRT as everyone was just want to go home at the same time. the war battle was also during buying the LRT tix. it's so ~_~" definitely one tiring night for me. it was like sardine or tuna in a can. you cant really move yet you can only squeeze around. it was like sauna, with pool of humans. with your sweats and others sweats. indeed tiring.

This is people that just entering the station

and this is people that squeezing to buy the tix. squeezing okay, not queeing... =_="

Arrived at University Station, my friends and I are all hungry to the max. so we went to grab some supper before went back. we went to McD at Bangsar. after eat, we went back to colleges.
my feet are sore whole body tired and sore and all but the sweet of meeting SOSHI definitely overcome all the hardship that had happened in that one day. It's one bittersweet day for me, March 23rd, 2012. The fact that I can meet a lot of mysones that I only know from twitter already make me so happy. We meet togther because of SOSHI and thus to me this kind of hardship is nothing >_< people may see this and think that it's a crazy thing to do but to me it's all worth it. all of it. it's a good experience. a very good memory of my life also. ^^ I'll take it like that.

lol the "Finally You're Here" project was not that successful sadly but it's okay cause the girls still know ^^

Thanks MYSONEs for making this all so memorable to me and to all of us. we're indeed one great fandom ^^ finally they acknowledge our existence Fighting MYSONEs and do not give up for us to have our very own SOSHI solo concert here in Malaysia

and thanks Girls' Generation, 소녀시대 for finally coming to our HOT country ^^ thanks for making my weekend so blessed and happy. thank you so much. thanks again for finally answering our wish. thanks you ^^ seeing you guys so sweaty make me a bit sad but seeing you guys performing happily despite the hotness in this country make me more and more touched and happy seeing you guys :') thanks again and like you said you will come again with Yuri, I wait for your time when you will finally being here :D thanks SOSHI for making my life and mysones so happy last 23rd March 2012 ^^

it's indeed one unforgettable night for me, again, thank you SOSHI! Thank you so much :D

Oh yeah, this is the power of SOSHI in Malaysia :D

My fancam from that night. though it's not really a good quality but I took it for the sake of cherishing the moments and just to keep it as a memory. The fanchants was awesome too :D

120323 SNSD - Telll Me Your Wish, Girls' Generation 1st  performance in Malaysia
120323 SNSD 1st talk, Hoot, Run Devil Run cuts,  Girls' Generation 1st performance in Malaysia

120323 SNSD 2nd talk, Mr. Taxi, Gee cuts, Girls' Generation 1st performance in Malaysia

Please excuse my dolphin scream for Jessica. cant help it lol XD
I think I definitely have annoyed all people around me because of my scream for Jessica lol XD
well my answer to that, "LANTAK AKU LA" lol
indeed it's one gerat experience for me :D

pic credit: jennyi @ mysone, kavenyou, Kenny Hongwei, me @miraliyana
youtube vid credit: buahmulut, joshuaongys, MiDvP, me @amiliyana2