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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Concentration, Julia, H.O.T

which one to start first? hmmm....
let's just start dgn concentration...

Concentration, 집중
i dont know why but this thing is so hard for me lately. as usual, having a internet obsession...
cant seem to put my mind at the right place to do work instead. OTL
my fyp still berada di awang-awangan. this is the 2nd FYP. it's already 3rd week, and i didnt meet with my supervisor yet. dont want to make the same mistake like last semester yet i didnt have the high determination to make it... OTL
i know the solution is within me.
wish me luck in finding my priority and the determination in me.... InsyaAllah... :(

This is about kru produksi drama Julia yg sedang ditayangkan kat TV3 slot Akasia, setiap ptg tu. okay, speak malay jap lol XD
aku x tau pun sebenarnya ada drama ni. skali tgk la Kak JC duk tweet2 kat my t-line using the hashtag #Julia. was just okay until tetiba ada org sentap and mensi terus kak JC. rupa2nya org tu turn out to be one of kru produksi drama tu. dia probably tgh monitor hashtag #Julia tu pastu sentap terus dihamburnye kat Kak JC. jd la pedebatan besar antara mrk. ingatkan hbs smpai mlm smlm jer. tgk pg ni punye tweet, org tu x hbs2 lg... pdhl kak jc x mensi or say anything to him/her. not sure gender apa tp nama cam nama perempuan, gmbr mcm lelaki, bila kak JC dan dia berdebat, terkeluar perkataan 2 alam, melenting blk... so kite biarlah je kat situ... hehe :D
to me, the person seems to be too sensitive or just not open to any criticism towards the drama. xde la. taula, semua keje dorg wat shooting kat korea tu sume susah apa sume, tp org cuma bg pendapat, x suke, terus attack. pastu bila org dh x bising, dia keep lg backtrack/stalk ppls tweet pastu mention lg... lolz XD
kat sini jer nmpk sapa yg butthurt/terlebih sentap.
for me, as someone that work with the drama production, they should've be more open to any criticism. good or bad. aku tgk kak JC bknnya mengutuk. cuma bg pendapat yg maybe blh digunakan oleh phk production tu sendiri in future for the next drama perhaps.
lg satu, kalau this person believe enough in their product/drama, x pyh nk melenting sgt la bila org ckp apa2. sbb kita percaya produk kita bagus and org akn suka. kalau org yg x suka tu, biar jer la. ni x, tmbh lg minyak kat dlm api XD
org lain yg hanya memerhati like me, dr rasa nk tgk drama tu sbb buat kat korea, dh tawar hati dah sbb attitude kru diorg mcm ni...
bkn x nk sokong produk tmptn, tp biarla produk tmptn tu diwrap cntik2, dipromote elok2, baru la org percaya... ni x, org bg pendapat, cari gaduh plak... audience is still the clients. kalau xde audience, sapa nk tgk drama yg korg buat. betul x?
mmg betul, it's hard to work in production of drama or whatsoever. dr storyline to the making of it. tp tula, untuk menghasilkan produk yg bgs, a really good research should have been done also supaya x menghasilkan kekeliruan pd penonton. that's all. >_<
good luck to this drama. kalau ada masa nnti, me check out la drama ni dkt tonton or ceritamaster nnti :D
oh yeah, to know more about the debate, kat sini Kisah Drama Double JC (JUSTcircle & Julia's Crew) ^^

Because of Sung Siwon from Reply 1997, I think, I also already getting addicted with H.O.T now.
their songs are so awesome and actually have real meaning. no wonder they're the legend ^^
H.O.T Forever!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 2012 KPOP Comeback

Since most of my biases are making a comeback this month.
Awesome! spazz here and there but since college internet line not so good, thus, spazzing was just so-so.
but still cool.

SPICA (I'll Be There)
At first, after listening and watched their MV, not really feeling anything cause their concept this time kinda like 90s style... but after listening to their live comeback at Music Bank, totally fall for it. AWESOME!
With their flawless vocals, seriously awesome!

SPICA's I'll Be There MV

RANIA (Style)
This time around RaNia collaborating with YG to produce their comeback song. Apparently since YG owe a lot with RaNia's CEO, thus he help them to repay him.
The song was cool but indeed it sound a bit like what 2NE1 will sing but at least for me it's better than Pop Pop Pop. I like this one better.
It kinda sad that they're only coming back as 5 member sans Jooyi. Kinda miss Jooyi's flawless voice. Nonetheless, Riko did a great job too.

RaNia's Style MV

However to me, Dr. Feel Good and Masquerade still their epic songs! they're my first kpop artist that I actually chase around until to the airport, that's why, RaNia will always have a special place in me ^^
Forgot to add that my Baby Di so freaking flawless and badass ^^

Already spazz most of everything at last post >_<

Wishing all of them having a great comeback this month!!! ^_^
Fighiting TVXQ!, RaNia!, SPICA! \o/

TVXQ Catch Me

RaNia Style

SPICA I'll Be There

Okay bye2 for real now lol XD
2posts in one day ㅋㅋㅋ

Jung Ilwoo in Malaysia, TVXQ's 6th Album, Catch Me

Yesterday I went to Berjaya Times Square for Jung Ilwoo's fanmeet in Malaysia brought by Holika Holika. Was just an impromptu invite from my friend... and i was like it has been awhile since I went to Berjaya Times Square anyway so why not?
then I was just, "JOM" >_<

Hence, I met up with my friend at Time Square. the event start at 2PM. at first we was just wandering around at the registering table then we realize, only those that have the sticker can enter, thus giving up, we decide to just watch him from the 1st level instead... we went for lunch first. was having a Japanese Terayaki Beef Bento for the lunch XD yummy ^^

then we just stand at the G level to see the stage at LG level. it's okay tho it's far as long as I can see him.
Almost 2pm, the event start with a Gangnam Style dance performance. the song kinda overrated to me actually but since it is korean related, it's fine... we all still jamming to it tho :D

then, the guy entered after that. I managed to record Jung Ilwoo's epic entrance >_< (it's short tho)

His smile seriously so charming!!!! I was starstruck seeing his charming smile >_<
So handsome! so gorgeous! he's tall too :D
was taking a few pictures but not really that clear tho... :( (well, my phone is not really having a a good camera anyway but just to capture a memory, it's fine ^^)

he showing a heart ♥~ ^^

having an interview with the MC

see how charming his smile is ^^ though it's far, I just so happy to see him and his freaking charming smile :D

then, he had a group photo session with the big spender of Holika Holika product

he also had a fan sign time with them too

This is when he already want to leave

He was there for not so long.. he came at 2 and around 40 mins later he left. He dressed up just simple... ^^
wow :D so cool to see him >_<
Jung freaking Ilwoo also known as Prince Yang Myung in The Moon That Embraces The Sun >_<
after he already went, I was just having my Chatime with my friend and we were just wandering around Times Square. Went to the Kpop shop at TS but not really interested to by anything anyway... so just left like that... then both of us so tired because standing so long, we decide to just go home... >_<
Hence, we just went back straight away.

He even managed to tweet that he went to KLCC Twin Towers before he went back to Korea XD

Thanks for coming here Yang Myung goon ^^ had an awesome weekend with ya! :D

Today, TVXQ's release their 6th Album, Catch Me digitally...

The jacket album looks like TONE album the yellow ver. :P

For me after listening to all track, Catch Me as title track didnt really strike me the most but I like Destiny, How Are You, both are ballads and Getaway, a rock-ish song. the others songs was just so-so to me.
was not really feeling it... not really fit my taste bud. I think Keep Your Head Down (5th Album) is way better than this. cause I at least, enjoy almost all songs in it but this time, not really... 
However, since it's TVXQ! it always make me feel ecstatic tho ^^
still waiting for the MV to release :)

Catch Me MV teaser

the teaser of the MV, looks so awesome! thus the MV is anticipated :D
love TVXQ's stage performance. cause it's so freaking awesome ^^

this is the highlights medley of the album

Tho the album didnt really fit my taste, it's still cool since TVXQ is making a freaking comeback!!! yay!!! :D 

p/s: now I'm just patiently waiting for my 9 GODDESSES to come back >_<

이상입니다. that's all for this post ^^

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today, FYP

Woke up late today and was wondering nak buat FYP ke tidak...
okay, bukak laptop, apa sumer...
seperti biasa, kalau dah bukak laptop, it's not on project or any of kerja sekolah or any study things that i should've been done... LOLXD

Stuck at the internet and all kpop stuff until now.... =___=
this is me... M disease has spread to the whole body... dont know why...

I know I should have start my work now... but seriously dont know where to start first... huhuhuhu
Semoga aku diberi penerang hati untuk kurangkan sifat malas ini dan lebihkan fokus pada kerja aku...
집중... that's what i need... huhu
wish me luck >_<

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New semester, Reply 1997

Was just feeling like writing something since I'm all alone at the lab right now
New semester have begun
Should have been my last semester actually
However, frankly speaking, I'm not sure if it's my last :)
my CGPA still not at 3 yet  /sigh
I know I know, it's my fault anyway since i always like play around and not pay a full attention in my study
dont know if this ever happen to anyone but right after I entered 2nd year, I kinda was just like "let's just finish this" 
I felt that I've lost my passion except passion for korea things (ie, drama, kpop, etc -_-) 
this bad habits really bad idk why
sometimes it make me wonder, is this what i really want?
was it really ever been thing that i want in the first place? idk like before, let's just finish this
tho i'm thinking of let's just finishing this, i still want to at least finishing it in a good way
This last semester, i really hope that i can really achieve what i want
but my act seriously not reflect how it should be done
things that i hate in myself, i've lost my 'purity', 'innocence'
the feelings of actually having fun of study
before this, i think that study is the only thing that i can do
but now idk anymore
if it was holiday, i keep wasting my time with the internet after one lead to another
idk... if ever i really live my life to the fullest... idk... 
too much idk right? hahaha XD
i like writing but i left that so far too now
i'm still 22 y.o.
i think i still can find my passion
it's still not too late
well, i do hope so
I really should leave this virtual world fast
uhuhu ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
i've been on it for so long that i kinda missed the realityㅎㅎ
new semester, new challenge, FYP to finish and grades to rise up
will i ever make it this time? I hope so
Fighting Amirah! 넌 아미라야!
네이름만 already have a good meaning
넌 리더야 you surely can lead your life
Trust a bit in yourself

-side note-
just finished watching a great drama, Reply 1997 ^_^

this drama seriously great
I've been really addicted to it so much
lot of life lessons, simple yet close to people heart, bring lots of memories since I'm a 90s babies >_<
it's really great, very well recommended
the actors and actresses also very good
tho I'm really supporting idol turn actor but i really admit that some was just really cant act 발연기(?) ㅋㅋㅋ
but these guys really great
the actors actresses are APINK's Jung Eunji, Seo Ingook (Singer), INFINITE's Hoya, Eun Jiwon (1st generation idol, Sechskies), Lee Sieon and Shin So yool

because they're using 90s kpop song, it totally fit the mood really good :D
everything about this drama is great
the OSTs are great too and have reach an all-kill too ^^

it's great...
let's us all create good memories together ^^