아프고 힘들더라도 이것도 살아있어야 느끼는거니까 - 순정에 반하다

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Today took an MC because I had a migrain.
Yesterday was really painful with the train was delayed and so many people.
Had a quite sleep time.

Today also IU released her new repackaged album with 2 new songs.
One is See You on Friday and another one is Crayon.
She composed and wrote herself the See You on Friday song. Indeed IU.
When I listened to the chorus, I was thinking hmmm... Where did I used to listened to this song? Hmm...
Was it from the teaser? But there were no any teaser tho.
Then, suddenly remembered that it was actually from the song that she leaked at Aion Live Concert lol XD
The 1분  1초 song XD

Finally LOEN released the song officially. :)
I'm so happy.
I heard that the song was recorded back in February but only now it was released. It's ok. As long as it was released now.

The MV was quite a bittersweet storyline but IU and the model is so sweet. The kiss scene looks so cute and sweet too. Their scene is just well done :D

And it was topping music chart too ^_^
I also straight away made a pre-order lol
Hopefully I can get a copy of it since it's a limited edition XD

This is the MV

We only have few more days before 2013 end. Hmmm.... Gotta have my new year resolution as well.
Hopefully I'll come out one ^_^

Sunday, November 24, 2013


이 못난 사람이... 보여줄게...


Sunday, November 17, 2013

NC.A : New Kpop rookie singer

I actually encounter who she is from a friend of mine that ask how she was doing for Reply 1994 since I watched the drama.
At first, I didnt really know who she is.
I did some Wiki-ing and Naver-ing about her.
Only then, I know who she is.

Her real name is Im So Eun.
D.O.B: 7th October 1996. a year older than my 16th years old sister (damn... I feel old >.< )
Debuted on August, 2013.

one of the reason I attracted to her was when I saw her in this one blog in naver.
She was MC-ing a GomTV show... kinda remind me of IU's early rookie days when she was MC-ing for GomTV show also.
I searched for her debut song. not bad....
It's about high school sound to it...
well since she's young and still in her teens, this concept suit her well....

I found few of her covering songs... 
She really has that good voice.... but... maybe she's still young she still lack in the emotion part.... 

Maybe in future she'll be improve much better. Fighting!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Hear You Voice

It's the first post in November. Hello November :)
it has been awhile.
this time around, I wont write things that are depressing or whatsoever.
Last Sunday, I decided to watch the recommended kdrama that my sis keep nagging to me to watch.
She said that this drama really good.
I was keep postponing to watch it and until last Sunday that I decided to watch it.
It took me 2 and half days to finished it lol XD
It has been awhile I didnt do things like this after I started working.
Barely have time for other things lol
then I was just like 'Whatever' to whole work things and do my marathon on this drama no matter what hahahaha XD

A bit of synopsis from wiki-drama:

A thriller courtroom drama with fantasy and romantic comedy elements. It will depict the story of Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), a bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical, and materialistic public defender who becomes a lawyer after overcoming poverty and painful memories from her childhood, comes to realizations about society and justice after meeting Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk), a 19-year-old boy who reads other people’s thoughts and Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun), an innocent lawyer who lives a disciplined life. Jang Hye Sung is actually Soo Ha's first love after she gave a decisive testimony on his father's murder case 10 years ago and Soo Ha promised to protect her from the killer's threats. Meanwhile, Cha Kwan Woo is Jang Hye Sung's fellow lawyer who is a cheerful and idealistic former cop even though his character a bit slow, he is nice and pleasant with a firm idea of his principles and justice. Together they will team up to to find the justice in the courtroom and solve the toughest cases with less than 1% chance of winning.

It has been awhile I didnt really addicted to kdrama like this. 
These days the only drama that I watched and follow is only Reply 1994. 
well that another story >.<

With I Hear Your Voice I seriously discover the new side of Lee Jongsuk :) 

I really enjoy her acting as Park Sooha. I watched him in School 2013 but seriously speaking tho he's main along with Kim Woobin, he didnt really quite stand out to me. 
However.... in this drama, wow. his emotion is just so freaking awesome!!!!!
His anger towards Min Joon Guk, his regretful emotion when he accidentally stabbed Jang Hyesung... 

that's definitely one of my favorite scene of him and the scene when he was brought to hospital but he's still screaming and looking for Jang Hyesung. 
He really portray a great job as Park Sooha :) 

Not to forget his awesome chemistry with Lee Boyoung despite Lee Boyoung being the noona. their chemistry as a couple is just awesome :) 

The chemistry between made Park Sooha and Jang Hyesung character so likable :D

not to forget Kim Sohyun awesome acting as Lee Boyoung's child character. 

She has the pretty face and the fact that she really can act, she's definitely going to be one great actress in future. though between her and Kim Yoojung, I still prefer Yoojung, but she definitely has her own charm as well :) 
and she definitely excel in this drama ^^

and I discover new awesome and pretty actress in this drama as well, Lee Dahee

She did great in portraying this one cold prosecutor yet still has a soft heart inside. 

The best thing about this drama also is that each character of the drama really have it own presence. They're not just a mere character that just being the props to the main. 
from the antagonist, Min Joon Guk, to Lawyer Shin, Lawyer Cha and even Jang Hyesung's mother and also Sooha's friends, Sung Bin and Joong Ki.
each of the character stand on it's own. 
One of the thing that I like about this drama ^^

In conclusion, I am still in the kdrama-withdrawal-syndrome XD 
it's a syndrome that I get after  I finished a drama and cant get over it. 
wonder how long this will last lol XD
it's a good thing that I discover Lee Jongsuk new side as an actor when he's as Park Sooha. 
Really into him now that I even change my hp wallpaper from IU to him lol XD

and even my twitter icon ^^
It has been awhile I didnt used male as my dp lol :P 

Okay, that's all my review about this drama. :) 
and it's too late now... 3:27 am in the morning when I am working tomorrow lol 
hahahaha ^^

Thursday, October 10, 2013

싫은 날

오늘 진짜 내 싫은 날인가봐...
너무 싫어...
너무 미워...
너무 스트레스트...
내 눈물이... 게속....

아이유의 싫은 날 노래가, 오늘 내 노래다... 

내 인생은 너무 가식...

내 삶은 인생은 내꺼가 아닌것같아...
부모님인가... 할머니인가... 할아버지인가... 동생들인가...  
느낌이 내꺼 아님... 

난 나무 우울것같아... 

님이... 대단한 사람이 알아... 
완벽 주의자니까... 
말이가... 제가 너무 부담것같아.. 
제 마음이 안좋아... 근데 이 입이, "좋아" "이해한다" 
항상 웃어... 가식한 어색한 웃어... 

제가 용기가 없다... 자신감도 너무 약해... 
제가 너무 약해인가봐...

인생이 왜 이렇게 부담스럽게??? 
왜? 왜? 왜? 
쉬운 인생은 없다... 그것도 내가 알아... 

자유럽게 살고싶다...

to express all of this to someone, 내 성격이가... 어렵다... 

재가 울어하면 혼자다... 
울어 모습이 is not for others... 

Ya Allah... tenangkanlah hati ini... Kau hilangkanlah kegelisahan ini... 
Kau gantikanlah dengan perasaan bahagia... 

it's sad that everytime I want to update this blog, it is always on bad things... 

My condition really 위험... i know that... 
but writing this really make me feel good somehow... 

see... i can even type this so fast... 
and dont have people that said that I'm slow.... ㅋㅋㅋ
내가 좋아하는 일이니까 ㅋㅋㅋ'

제가 답답한거 그 사람은 아니고... 제가... 
I'm frustrated with myself... 
not other people... 
that's why it lead to this stress... 
제가 이 답답한 사람이야... 그거 내 문제야
화난거... 나는 나 자신에 화가났어... 

시원하게 자유럽게 살고싶다...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's already June 2013

yes it's already June 2013.
it almost 3 month that i have start my work as a Junior QA Engineer in a local IT company.
at the first month, it's pretty hard for me to take on everything.
i felt so stress that i actually cried almost every morning. thinking should i just quit. why do i have to continue my work here?
I always pray. made Solat Istiqharah too asked Allah to help me in making decision.
Always discuss the same thing with my mum.
everytime I prayed to Him, somehow the answer will always to just stay.
somehow my heart also open up to it.
I was actually in conflict whether i should work or just help my mum with her rising business.
in the end, i just made my decision to just stay with this work and help my mum as my part time.

Every person in this world usually have their own reason why they're working.
Some people because they wants to earn money for their family.
However, for me, right now, my main reason is just want to learn.
I want to learn this knowledge.
I know that I wont get the same opportunity in other places so I decided to stay with this company and learn more from them.
I've watched my mum work with people throughout my life and yet she still cant finish to pay her debts. Now that she found her way on how to set up a business and actually making it work, only now she found the light to go out frm the life that she had before.
When I was started working also, i always ask, why am I working?
What's the reason every morning i woke up to go to work?
What's the reason of other people when they went to work as well?
Do they really like their job or they just have to work to make a living?
What's their purpose?
these questions always circling in my head for awhile. it's also quite a good time for me to be closer to Allah.
Ask Him to show me the right way.

I know that deep down, what I'm doing right now is not really something that I really really really like. I guess it's true when people said that it's hard to live and doing something that you've always dream of. then again, when I ask myself, what is my dream?
what is the dream that I want to live of?
I'm still 23 years old and this is not too late for me to think about it.
However, in the mean time, I think I will find it slowly.
and who knows, I will found it and live it.
Nothing is possible when I work on it and with Allah's will.

I'm thinking of updating this blog pretty frequent. tho I know not like anyone was reading or following this blog lol XD
I guess I can just took this as my diary and practice my writing skills cause I really like writing.
I also think I should re-start my writing hobby.
it has been awhile since i left it.

anyway, it already 5:22 AM now, huhuhu... it's already this late.... bye2 for now

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pilihanraya Umum 2013

Semalam aku melaksanakan tugas aku sbg rakyat Malaysia.
tugas untuk memilih siapa yg aku mahukan untuk menerajui pentadbiran Malaysia ni.
byk ketidakpuashati berlaku.
isu2 seperti pengundi bangla, blackout dsbg.
disebabkan aku x berada di tempat yg berlaku semua perkara tersebut, so I wont comment much.
I just read what people spread on the net.
However, my prinsip, internet bknlah sumber 100% fakta.
byk pihak blh manipulasi.
aku pun blh upload all kind of videos, tulis skit, org share, bende tu terus jadi viral.
tanpa selidik apa2 kalau bende tu betul, bettullah, tp kalau x, bende tu x psl2 jd fitnah.
what more i can say now is, FB is like a nest of all kind of rumors or information that there's no solid prove of it that being shared just because it suit with that person preference, views or preference.

this PRU13 also shows a lot of races sentiment being arise.
not just from other races but from malays themselves.
personally i dont really agree with the races sentiments.
actually it occurs in both. either malays, chinese or indians in this country.
for malays, we didnt understand chinese or indians language. so we dont know what kind of racist remarks that ever made to us. we only relied to our friends that understand the language that tell us and it does happened.
for malays also... malays like to naming chinese or indian with mean words.
i wont denied it as well...
it just the same and i dont agree with these kind of act too.

one of the reason why malaysians cant really be one.
we didnt really have that give and take actions anymore.
not like what our ancestors used to agree on when the Parti Perikatan is formed.

I can see why most youngsters especially the malays are choosing to siding with the opposition in this GE13. cara BN tadbir mmg ada quite a lot obvious flaws.
tentang rasuah, kroni dsbg. tetapi hakikatnya, perkara ni is an individual flaws.
I'm pretty sure dlm parti2 opposition pun, bribes, cronies are happening. a colleague used to say, it's about 'who eat the most' so that's practically mean, you're acknowledging that opposition party also berlaku corruption cuma x bsr.
corruption kecil, lama2 jd besar jgk. if you want to speak bersih, sepatutnyya bersih sebersihnya.
then again, this is politic.
as much as how dirty the entertainment biz are, POLITIC are no different.

so mcm mana kita nk fix this?
guna undang2 islam. gantikan system pentadbiran yg sedia ada.
pelaksanaan sistem pentadbiran islam adalah mmg solusi yg terbaik utk umat islam. terutama majoriti rakyat di negara ni. tetapi mcm mana pelaksanaannya dilakukan perlulah kite fikirkan.
negara islam pada zaman nabi Muhammad S.A.W dlu pun dilaksanakan dgn persetujuan dan toleransi oleh pemimpin2 bkn islam juga.

Hakikatnya, reality speaking.
kite negara berbilang bangsa, berbilang agama.
satu  keputusan dan toleransi harus dicapai.
mcm mana kite capai kata sepakat under parti Perikatan sebelum ini untuk merdeka, kite perlu lakukannya semula.

One reason why i cant choose the opposition is because, the contradiction statements of one party to another.
PAS nak laksanakan hudud, tp DAP x setuju.
even PKR pun x setuju.
ramai lg umat islam kat malaysia ni yg krg pengetahuan psl hudud. even me myself x arif sgt. to implement semua, SEMUA rakyat Malaysia. bkn shj yg muslim harus fhm mengenainya, tetapi bangsa lain jugak. Hudud is for everyone. the way it being implementation in a multiracial country that need to be think over.

aku pun x setuju cara MCA berkempen utk GE13 ni. mereka memperlekehkan hudud. my opposition colleague said dia x kisah pun kalau hudud di implemented because it only applied to Muslims. however, it's not. it will only create ketidakadilan jika sesuatu jenayah yg melibatkan muslim dan non muslim berlaku.
soalan skrg, bagaimana untuk mengaplikasikan hukum hudud di negara yg berbilang kaum yg boleh diguna pakai untuk semua. orang islam dan juga bkn islam.

people said ubah dulu, baru kite tau.
however, nak ubah pun kite kene tgk or predict the outcome first kan?

I admit that I'm not a person that open to change because I'm still mempertimbangkan baik buruk sesuatu perubahan itu. However, sekarang ni these kind of uncertainty from the PR that refrain me from ubah.

penyokong2 PAS kata "kenapa pusat2 hiburan dan kilang arak wujud?" "Ini semua salah kerajaan UMNO/BN la tolak Islam"
hakikatnya, jika Pakatan Rakyat dpt memerintah, adakah kilang2 arak, penjualan arak, pusat2 hiburan akan ditutup serta merta?
kite hidup dlm negara multiracial. arak dan pusat2 hiburan tu, sbg seorang islam, dah tau tempat dan minuman itu bkn utk kite. HARAM utk kita. org islam sendiri perlu tahu. pilihan pd kite. nak pilih jalan haram, dekati perkara2 tu, xnak pilih, jauhi. Simple. ini semua ujian buat umat islam dalam negara bercampur sebegini.

this GE13, parti PAS mng 21 kerusi parlimen krg drpd PRU sblm ni.
dptkah PAS memberi kata putus sekiranya ditakdirkan PR mng? antara slh satu perkara yg menyedihkan saya, some of other races said that, Islam PAS lebih baik dari Islam BN/UMNO. sbg seorg islam, saya tahu, kite dah kalah dlm melaksanakan tgs sbg org Islam utk memperkenalkan Islam itu sendiri. kerana keislaman kite dibezakan melaui parti politik kite. wujudkah Islam Pas atau Islam BN/UMNO? sedangkan Islam itu hanya satu.

bkn senang nak senangkan hati semua org. msg2 ada keinginan msg2.
the uncertainty, the inconsistent of statements, the doubtful manifesto that make me cant choose the opposition as the ruling party for this country.
until they truly and really really sepakat atas satu panji, atas satu visi dan misi then probably i will reconsider my position.
I'm being like this because saya pun pemerhati.

like in this GE13, people wonder kenapa BN still winning tho it's a close win.
put aside those "blackout" things. i'm saying this because we didnt know how true about the blackout things right? if it's really proven then it should be reported.
people said BN won was kinda fishy because people always said want to UBAH etc.
I just wonder if these people forget the silent majority that just seat aside and watch and observe.
not to forget the veteran people...
the veteran people that still alive. those that bersusah payah membantu meningkatkan kemajuan negara ini pd zmn terdahulu.
org yg silent majority ni, even if they're present in the alam maya, or on the internet, they just keep silent and watch people here and there, sharing stuffs and observe how true things that being shared.
things that being shared on the internet, how much 100% truth to it?
where does the source came?
mana2 phk sekalipun, sharing things that can lead to FITNAH, perlulah di selidik dahulu.

and if ever i speak about my own race, the Malays, I'm not trying to be racist or anything. I just want my own race bangun setanding dgn other races to improve our life and economy agar kite tidak tertinggal cause i know, one of the problem lies among my own race as well. we're so layu...
and jgnlah asyik kite tnya apa the gov have done for us or give us but ask how much we can contribute to the country also.
haruslah kite bangun, create our own life economy. jgn bergantung pd sesiapa. Ikhlaskan diri. buat utk agama, bangsa dan negara. ambil semua peluang yg sudah terbuka luas disediakan utk kita. jgn ambil mudah semuanya.
bende ada. jika nak cuba menceburi bidang perniagaan, cari semua peluang. kalau sebelum ni x tau, skrg ambil tau. if we want to change, change dari diri sendiri. InsyaAllah. -peringatan ini utk diri saya sendiri juga-

sure the wrongdoings are still wrongdoings that need to be take note and actions should be taken to it to make this country be a better country. sama-samalah kite and when ACTION it's mean action. not just by sharing stuff on FB but a true action. cari dan selidik. kemukakan laporan.

Semoga upcoming 4/5 years, mana yg tak baik tu, BN dpt buang dan create kerajaan yg bersih utk rakyat. jaga imej kerajaan. laksanakan Aku Janji tersebut. dgn cara yg lebih baik, BN mungkin dpt mng hati rakyat semula. Perjuangan ini baru bermula.
InsyaAllah demi Agama, Bangsa dan Negara Malaysia tercinta.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Recent updates

it already March now....
I'm officially 23rd years old...
I really should looking for job now....
tho it's not official but i actually already completed my study...
yeah aku fail dlm cuba utk menaikkan cgpa kpd 3... so I'm a 2 pointer graduates...
sure the competition agak tinggi... hence no calling for any interview yet....
aku dah finish my one month training with HP for the software testing just to add on my specs...
i know i'm not a good students with awesome results and other specs...
but again... life is too precious for me just to live in despair and all....
i believe life is more than that... i know life can offer lots of things that I just never know yet...
yeterday i came back from a business seminar by Bryan Gan. i see a lot of potential in it...
my mum actually has business that definitely has potential if it's marketted well...
I'm thinking of helping her... i just hope with his road is the best road/path for me...
who knows... :)
gotta have some belief and positive thinking...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

기분이 안좋아...

sbnrnye tau byk dlm bhs title post ni, is hard. 
it's better x tau dari tau.... kalau bhs malaysia or bhs inggeris, kite blh tau kutuk2nye apa sume kan. bhs yg kat atas tu pun me tau gak... 
knowing is bad.... is really bad especially if you're like making yourself like a fool. 
그래. aku gne this thing yg aku tau diam2 je la. 
gne diam2 lagi bgs. 
too much nnti jd koreaboo. 
Bahasa Malaysia jugaklah yg terbaik walaupun mostly bende yg aku tulis kat dlm blog ni rojak dan pasar hahahahaha XD
tp inilah bhs plg aku comfortable. well, it's your mother tongue mira, what do you expect??? duh! -___-
Bhs inggeris pun bile aku ckp, still merangkak-rangkak gak... bila tulis bajet pro la... hahahahahhaah XD
Korea tu... tau2 sendiri jer la. Knowing too much is not good for your health. especially the one that will bother you and will make your self-esteem go low. >.>

okay, done dgn hal bhs2 ni. 
next, member dah start cari keje dah? 헐! -_____-
aku taula i should do that too. tp.... reality speaking, either aku x ready or aku cuma x yakin aku blh naikkan cgpa aku yg masih bwh 3. /ledeepsigh
tbh, aku x nk ckp aku regret knp aku x bljr betul etc etc etc, sbb somehow aku rasa aku ah... x tau la...
yg pasti i want to complete this. 
hari ni baru habs 2nd paper. 
aku target utk dpt A paper ni tp td part programming tu.... x tau la.... 
aku rasa mcm aku ni mmg lack of skills betul. 
3 and 1/2 years belajar rasa mcm tu je.... 
asyik lyn kpop sgt kan.... mmg x bgs. 
tp tu la... I'm not a quitter. 
난 포가하는 여자 아니에요.
w/pun kerna terpaksa, aku akn cube completekan anything yg aku dah start. 
but 인생은  쉽지는 아니야... yeah i know that... 
i guess i'll try my luck here and there. who knows what life can offer for me... 
InsyaAllah.... ada rezeki, LIFE probably will surprise me. 
just dont give up. that's important. 
I'm really a positive person... though most of the time i always laid back too much.... that's it's really not good for health too since i'm getting heavier for it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ oh well, that's another thing.... 

writing this betul membantu untuk menurunkan perasaan yg gundah gulana td >.< 
next week still got 2 more paper.... tp mlm ni mmg xde mood nk study... tgh berpikir-pikir nk blk rumah ke x ni huhuuhu... tp mcm mls nk blk je sbb paper next week hari selasa and hari ni dah hari khamis... 
ahhh.... x tau la.... tp feelings tgh more towards x blk ㅋㅋㅋ 
hopefully, kalau betul x blk, studyla ya Mira oiii >.<
nice talking to you dear blog/diary ㅋㅋㅋ 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 and I Got A Boy

it's the first day of 2013.
My resolution for this year simple. Hope this year is better than last year and I hope I can master driving on rode in this year >_<
I actually still scared to actually drive on the rode...
I dont know what I'm afraid of, but it kinda make me overwhelmed to actually control a vehicle(?) idk huhuhuhu....
since all car in my house is in manual state, i feels like there is a lot of things to handle when I'm driving huhuh... anyway, this is one of my new year resolution >.<

today is D-DAY.
Finally today, SME released Girls' Generation comeback song, I Got A Boy.
at first, I was so 멘붕 or mental collapsed because of this song.
First time listening to it, it feels like 987662 songs in one.
It's the first time I cant say that I love it straight away. Usually, for most of SOSHI's song, I actually love it straight away after I listened to it. Like The Boys.
with The Boys, most of people dont like it the moment they listened to it, but not for me cause I like it right away after listened to it.
However for I Got A Boy, I really cant say that I love it.
right now, I already give it a few time listening to it. It's getting me hooked to it but not until the terms LOVE.
It's listenable, dancing to it...
The choreography of the song is SICK tho. AWESOME to the max. ^^ looking forward for their live performances >.<

the album as a whole is way way way way better than The Boys.
lots of good song in it.

personally, I like Express 999 (Kenzie unnie and SOSHI combine = AWESOMENESS ^_^) , Promise, 유리아이 or Lost In Love (TaeNy's duet. touching ballad. awesome :) ), Look At Me have awesome beat and awesome rap from TaengSic ^_^, XYZ, Romance Street and Baby Maybe sounds lovely just like SOSHI's past songs. it's so SOSHI :D

so overall, I love 4th Album from SOSHI ^_^
I'm looking forward for tonight performance in Romantic Fantasy, their comeback show in MBC ^_^
in another 5 minute >.<

that's all my conclusion on my 1st post of 2013. I leave Girls' Generation I Got A Boy MV to conclude my post :D